Turtle Ship and Korean Food

Just before returning from my recent trip to Seattle, I picked up a copy of Ages of Empires at the Microsoft Store for my son Sean.  It didn't take long for him to start playing the Korean.  He was particularly impressed with the Turtle Ship (world's first ironclad ship designed by Admiral Yi Sun-sin).

Just yesterday, my wife told me that Sean asked if he could go to the Korean language school next summer.  When my wife asked why, Sean said he wants to marry a Korean woman when he grew up so he thought he should start learning Korean properly.  When my wife informed him that there are many English speaking Korean-Americans, my son said 'Yes, but there are many more in Korea to choose from'.  When my wife asked him why he wanted to marry a Korean woman, he said 'Korean food, of course'.

It's scary how practical a 10 year old boy can be.  What does that got to do with the Turtle Ship?  I suspect that, until now, he resented being a Korean.  The Turtle Ship made him proud enough to think that being a Korean is not bad after all.