Practical Mobile Blogging

During the Mobile Blogging session at BloggerCon, I got frustrated listening to people enumerate use cases for mobile blogging because they seemed to be obsessed about serving the needs of leisurely cellphone users who are more interested in having fun than worrying about tommorrow.

Other than greed, I can find little motivation to make the life of brats with six thumbs who go around taking photos just so they can keep in touch with friends.  For me, it's more rewarding to address think about use cases for the forgotten people: people who are struggling with life everyday, people who don't know how to use a computer let alone type, people whose lives might be improved with down to earth application of the latest technologies.

So I mentioned the handblogging idea I had posted about more than a year ago using a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant in France as an example.  Whether it's a small store owner in France or a grandmother selling fish off a cart in China, their customers are increasingly addicted to information at their finger tip yet they are ill prepared to provide their customer's need for information.  Their 'content' are typically valid for just hours or even minutes yet they don't have time to update homepages.

So handblogging comes to their rescue.  Original version of this idea was audio-oriented using telephones as the update device but I think cellphones equiped with a camera will be easier to use.