Speaking of blowjobs on sale at Target, there used to be a store on El Camino near 92 named BJ's more than twenty years ago.  Unlike stores around it, this one had no store front.  All it had was a door with iron grill that was locked until you rang a bell.  And guess what they sold.  Yup.  They sold exactly what their little sign said, BJs.

A few kids at my highschool heard about the place and, after a round of disbelief, a bunch of us went there out of curiosity.  We didn't have any money so we just sat around acting like it was all normal. Eventually we snicked enough for them to kicked us out.  Whoever ran that retail shop certainly had a sense of humor and the balls to open a brothel on El Camino.  An amazing part of San Mateo history.

Now where would you get this kind of news except from the blogosphere?  San Mateo Times?