Cinematic Conference over IP (CoIP?)

Last night, I actually had a cinematic conference in my dream.  It was as I described it except I saw the UI and heard the people talking.  I don't know about other people, but I often have very vivid dreams that either solves problems I am working on or visualizes my ideas in full flesh.  Too bad I have little control over it.

Anyway, it took me a while to notice that voices of people talking were coming from different locations.  Location of the voice was in respect to where the speaker was seated in respect to the listener.  I was impressed enough with that to remember this morning clearly.

I don't think the actual locations of the attendence is important as long as they are consistent to the listener.  So the listener can sit in the bottom middle of the long side of a meeting table and other attendents are seated as they join in but grouped according to friends list (they are placed close to their friends).  A simplified overhead diagram of a meeting table with seats around it can be added below the video panel to aid the listener.  When a person speaks (and 'the scene' switches to that person), his or her seat highlights.  Each person's miniturized face shot can be used instead of seats.

I am not planning to implement this idea anytime soon but I thought my blog is a good place to keep my notes together just in case.