Scoble Hunt

Scoble is getting a lot of heat for his Hi Bill post.  I don't see why they think he is crazy or accuse him of insulting the Windows Media team.  The only part that rubbed me the wrong way was the firing part.  The rest is just a post written by an employee who cares enough about the company he works for to hang his balls out the window.

Who cares if his suggestions don't make sense?  That's his blog.  Should bloggers be restricted to writing posts that make sense to everyone?  Well, up your foobar if you think so.

As to what I think about his post, I think his suggestions are good.  Good, not in the sense of success or brilliance, but in the sense that such change will be good for Microsoft even if the project fails.  Like people, companies don't learn or evolve while doing the same things the same ways.