ET Phishing: Call Home

I just received an email from Juniper Bank, supposedly a bank, saying that I applied for a Juniper Credit Card.  They used my real first name which I rarely use so they must have some info about me and managed to associate it with my email address.

Alarmed, I sent off an email to Juniper Bank.  Then I noticed a phone number (1-888-232-0780) in the email.  Before calling, I checked to make sure it's not some paid service call and found that 888 is a toll free area code.  So far so good.  I made the call.  Guess what the first thing they ask for: social security number.  Time to press the eject button.

I suspect that this was an attempt to steal social security numbers.  They could have used any bank.  Just send out an alarming email and include a phone number prominently.  When people call the number, the scam is on.