My Beard

An edited copy of my comment I left at Jeff Sandquist's blog via Dave Winer's beard post:

I have a beard most of the time because I am lazy. I don't think my beard looks good at all but my beard grows a mile a minute and it's a chore to shave every day. I probably wouldn't mind shaving much if I could use a electric shaver but I have yet to see one that lasts more than a month under my thick (and deadly according to my son) hair. So I shave only when I have important business meetings or the right mood strikes me although I have yet to avoid a razor cut each time because of all the tugging and pulling I have to do to scrape the hair off my face. Totally unreal.

This post made me think of the girl who used to cut my hair long time ago.  She had a habit of leaning forward while she cut hair.  When she cut my hair, she kept saying she needed a goggle because my hair splinters attacked her everytime she cut.  Hmm.  Good material for a kung-fu movie?  Attack of the Iron Beard!