Stealing with Mouth Wide Open?

Last night, I've been thinking about Russell's post on PSP in which he wrote:

So I snagged Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow this weekend via BitTorrent and then converted it to run on my PSP.

Actually, it wasn't that he snagged a major movie off BitTorrent that had me thinking.  He wouldn't have been able to unless it wasn't a common albeit illegal and shadowy activity.

What had me thinking was his response to the obvious questions:

I simply described an activity that many, many people are already doing with or without me. Do you really think that not talking about this sort of illegal use of BitTorrent is going to somehow protect it?

While my answer to his question is no, I do think talking in public about illegal activities does somehow cause changes, changes which the affected or interested parties (i.e. MPAA, FBI) may consider extremely harmful and thus proceed to counter by setting examples.

Based on my mutated theory of ying and yang, what belongs in the shadow should stay in the shadow.  Failing to do so leads to chaos.