I either didn't know or forgot that Dave's birthday was near mine.  His is 8 days away. Mine is 9 days away. His is 50th. Mine is..43rd? Hmm. I thought I was 44 but I guess not.

I've been rather fuzzy about my age ever since I turned 40. I don't want to remember how old I am so I have do math to figure it out. Anyway, looks like I am 42 now. Good. I am younger than I thought. How do you forget how old you are? Just keep giving out different numbers to different people until you get confused enough. Don't worry; age confusion is sticky.

Korean age calculation being different doesn't help either. To Koreans, I am 43 already. On my birthday, I will become man-43 where man means full. In the next chinese newyear (whenver that is), I will become 44. Sheesh.