Advanced Graphics in Eclipse 3.1

One great feature I overlooked in Eclipse 3.1 feature list is Java2D-like advanced graphics support (antialiased lines, curves, alpha blending, and transformation). It's implemented using Cairo Graphics on Linux/Unix and GDI+ on Windows. I don't know what they are using on OS X. Quartz backend for Cairo is being worked on so they may use that or build their own.

I don't know why they are going with GDI+ though. GDI+ is slow, buggy, lacks features, and not present in older platforms. I've heard that Longhorn graphics API won't use GDI+ so why GDI+ when they could have used Cairo's own Win32 backend or, even better, an antigrain-based backend?

Anyway, anyone know if GEF 3.1 will use the advanced graphics?