Fixing BzzAgent

I've been thinking more about ways to fix BzzAgent. Well, it's not really fixing because I have not taken into consideration how much I could bend it without breaking it. I've just taken the core idea and tried applying it different ways. For now, I am going to talk about just one of the ways.


The idea here is to turn BzzCampaign into BzzContest among BzzGamers who compete for BzzPrizes. Control elements are divided into game rules and hints. BzzGamers win by gathering enough BzzPoints to be the top N players. Pro-bono campaigns are launched by having individuals and corporations donate prizes.

As to the exact form of the contests, it's could be a signup contest, variations of scavenger hunt, funniest video contest of people singing product jingles, or some new wild games like flashmob (i.e. get people to show up at Best Buy at a specific time). Just add a suggestion box and I doubt there will be a shortage of contest ideas that just happens to promote whatever.

As long as the contests are fun, rewarding, and not creepy, it will create buzz and attract marketers.