uitags: Taglib for Common Webapp UI Problems

uitags is an interesting open source project that tries to package solutions to common webapp UI problems (i.e. blog post/comment input and session timeout) into a taglib. I think what they are doing is valuable but they need to allow developers to try alternate, possibly browser-specific, solutions beside their own.

For example, telling the user that session is about to expire is not very helpful because the user has only three choices, a) do nothing, b) submit incomplete form, or c) manually save incomplete content and then try again.

A more friendly solution monitors user activity to decide automatically whether to transparently rekindle session or save the entered text (without formal submission) using AJAX techniques. If saved, saved input box can be replaced with a friendly message with a link to renew session and content. If saving content scraps at the server is not an option then there are other techniques such as client-side Flash Shared Object storage.