More on Daily Witchhunt

English article from a Korean newspaper on the Internet witchhunt problem in Korean. Apparently, the college the girl attended (note the past tense) got stepped on as well. I also found a series of links on another Korean phenomenon, snitch economy, but they are all in Korean unfortunately.

According to some eye witness accounts of the incident, she was just 'slow'. She had a lot of bags (?) so she put her dog down on the floor. When her dog pooped, she made the mistake of cleaning her dog first. The old women in red jacket got upset at that and threw a plastic bag at her. The girl then panicked and ran, after cussed at the women. Her manner sucked but I don't think she deserved to be lynched.

BTW, the girl appologized in public via a Cyworld 'hompy'. Again, she apologized like a clueless badly mannered person. No surprise there. Would she have learned to behave better if people on the train took turns bashing her face in? I don't think so. But then 'beating sense' into a person is a popular practice in Korea.