Too busy trying to catch up with promises so I'll so post short comments about movies I saw recently at home during breaks.

House of Flying Daggers

A great looking film with stunning action shots throughout the film except the end which was unbelievably bad in all aspects: terrible CG snow storm, dead heroine coming back to life, sloppy flailing fight scene, etc. Acting was mediocre overall with the exception of Zhang Ziyi but then I am a fan of hers so I might be biased. I think the director, Zhang Yimou, ruined most of the conversation scenes by focusing too much on the scenery and pacing the conversations too slowly. The Road Home, also starring Zhang Ziyi, is still his best film IMHO.


Everything about this movie sucked so much that I started skipping across scenes within 10 minutes. I did watch the battle scenes but got only dust and confusion in my mouth afterward. Alexander opened a new chapter in the history of warfare but this movie made him looked like a dustrat. Oliver Stone must have been stoned while directing this movie.

Sin City

Except for the opening and the ending scenes which detracted from the movie IMHO, everything was great although I think more attention could have been paid to background music. Oh, yeah. More of Jessica Alba on the stage would have been nice too. 🙂

That's all.