General MacArthur’s Statue in Inchon

When North Korea invaded on June 25th, 1950, South Korean army was caught ill-prepared and retreated south, primarily fighting to buy time for help to arrive. UN acted unusually quickly and UN forces, mostly American, started pouring into South Korea. But it was not enough to reverse the tide. By August, UN forces were cornered around Pusan.

On September 15th, 1950, General MacArthur struck back with a daring landing at Inchon.

It was one of those frightening yet inspiring moves that every wannabe-generals (including me) dream of.

Each of those red flames are icons of bravery and sacrifices.

The remarkable landing at Inchon turned the tide of the war. In 1957, a statue of General MacArthur was erected at Freedom Park looking out toward Inchon harbor.


Sadly, some misinformed liberals are trying to remove the statue.

Pro-North Korea website like this one has been spreading misinformation and alternate history among Korean youths and socialists. Liberal news organizations like OhmyNews (lots of good pictures here) hasn't been helping either by spreading biased yet compelling views and exercising non-neutral editorial practice. While Korean conservatives and war veterans, like my father, are rallying against them, they are doing so with their versions of history filtered and transformed by their personal biases and overflowing emotions.

That's citizen journalism and personal publishing at work. Powerful technologis are like steaming teapots. They can make great tea on four legged table, but what if the table had only two legs?

I guess what I am trying to say is:

  • Webpage is not truth
  • Pagerank is not trust

The Web is appropriately named, for it can catch you as well as inform you.