Printing to PDF

The only reason I bought Acrobat was to convert documents into PDF. I have no use for its other features and I've always felt I was wasting good money for too little.

Just today, I came across PrimoPDF which does what I want and does it for free! I tried it on an invoice to be sent to my client and saw that it worked as advertised without anything fishy like adding advertisement watermarks. It acts like a printer so any printable document can be converted to PDF using this. Recommended.


Actually I do have one other use for Acrobat which is to test Acrobat plugins I occasionally get dragged into writing like Arcot's SimpleSign which is offered by American Bankers Association (ABA) and Identrus (also probably Wells Fargo) to digitally sign PDF documents. But writing Adobe plugins is like pulling teeth and I would never do it voluntarily so this use doesn't count.