Congress as Jury Duty

Republicans in the Congress had it coming for a while but the culture of corruption and arrogance is not limited to Republicans. It's just human nature. I wish we could 'fix' the Congress so abuse of power can be curbed directly by the people.

One idea I had was to take away voting power from congressmen and senators and give them to randomly selected citizens who does the voting, representation as jury duty of sort. This is how I see it working:

House of Representatives is disbanded. In return, the Senate is expanded to handle the workflow. Senators propose legislations to be put to vote by randomly selected citizens who listens to presentations by the senators and others via the Net, or if they lack the equipment, at their local cityhall. When they vote on a law, they can also vote on the senators who proposed the law. If the law is not passed and votes against the writers is above a certain threshold, the writers lose their seats in the Senate instantly.