T60p Arrives

T60p was sitting on my desk when I woke up. It sure looks menacingly dark and prettily thin but damn it's surprisingly heavy like a gun.

I spent most of the day loading it up with the usual software. While at it, I also started breaking in the battery (which doesn't fit tightly into the laptop for some odd reason) by charging it fully then draining it to near empty. Supposedly, I need to do it a few times but never got around to doing it more than once because the damn thing took forever (5+ hours) to drain (/cheer T60p).

While the laptop was very solidly built, I don't see why people were raving about ThinkPad keyboard. I normally use buckling spring keyboards (put on your earmuffs, I am about to start typing!) so I guess I am spoiled. ;-p

I am pretty happy with T60p but I am going to visit an Apple store this weekend to spend some time with MacBook and MacBook Pro to make sure I wouldn't be happier with one of those. I think MBP weighs about the same as T60p though. Plain MacBook is lighter but not by much, like a saturday night special.

Choosing T60p over MacBook Pro is so sane though. I could use a bit of insanity to cut the lousy taste of reality. Sure, I'll be pulling my hair out because nothing I use everyday will work on OS X without a lot of grunting and searching but, hey, babes will dig it. LOL.

It's crazy how Mac loving folks think some beta products mean they can run Windows on Macs troublefree when it's difficult enough trying to run Windows software on Windows. Just look at all the layers of firewalls and VPNs one ends up with these days. Trying to get simple things like file sharing working means hours of fiddling and scratching like I did today. I have 3 layers of firewalls plus one built into VPN client (which I hate the most because I can't change it's security policy), none of which has easy to use UI. Running all that inside Parallels Workstation VM means adding to the suffocating firewall avalanche.

All I can say is, Oy.