Campfire Wisdom

Josh Kopelman's post 53,651 and Brad Feld's post Web 2.0: The First 25,000 Users Are Irrelevant reminded me of the many campfires I built during family camping trips — another one coming end of this month, w00t!.

Starting a campfire can be difficult, particularly in the morning because firelogs dampen overnight, so I usually use something extra to help me start the fire. So, TechCrunch is the firestarter (usually scraps of papers) and the first 25,000 users is the starting fire. Me standing in front of the fire with a ready can of firestarter liquid is harder to place though. Definitely not a VC blogger because a VC who actively and publicly cheerleads a portfolio company is more likely to set him or herself on fire. Yikes.

Just a post to compress wordy wisdom into a picture cuz I am visual guy.