ThinkPad T60p

Just ordered a ThinkPad T60p, basically 15-inch T60 with workstation quality display card (ATI FireGL v5200) and faster drive (7200rpm) to take advantage of their anniversary sale which ends May 15th. At $2199, I am saving around $550 although it's actually more like $350 if you take upcoming (end of May supposedly) Core Duo price drop for 2GHz Core Duo. Actual order price was a little over $2600 due to Office, service plan, and tax. Oh, well.

It's on the heavy side (6.25lb) but I am not a mad conference hopper so it should be alright. I am looking forward to the 15-inch Flexview others have raved about. Besides, I am pretty sure this baby will be able to run Vista handily with Aero fully enabled. Why did I not get a laptop with wide display? As a developer, I need to see more lines of code (read vertical room) than more cells or movies.

Anyhow, the details:

  • 2GHz Core Duo
  • 15-inch Flexview (1600×1200)
  • 100G drive (7200rpm)
  • FireGL v5200 (256mb)

Overall, I think this is a good deal but, unfortunately, shipping date is early June. Nuts but at least I'll have plenty of time to cancel the order if something better comes along while I wait.