Just in case people who read what I write on this blog get confused, let me make it clear what I use this blog for:

  1. let go of ideas I don't want clogging up my head.
  2. let out frustrations accumulated over time.
  3. share what I feel like sharing.

I don't blog to be recognized, get credit for being first of whatever, nor to amuse anyone. I am too much of a bastard for that. This blog is here to satisfy my own needs and no one else's. I tend to give a shit too much so I am trying hard to be selfish in the sense 'I don't give a hoot if other folks in this elevator called Earth suffocates if I fart right here and right now.'

So when I rant, you are looking down the barrel of my mental or emotional shotgun. There is no purpose, political nor economic, behind the act except my need to pull the trigger. It's just mental gas. Nothing more, nothing less. If I seem reasonable, consider it an accident. If I seem to be shooting at you, that is your problem, not mine. Get your own blog and shoot back if you feel like it. If not, leave a comment like you really mean it.