Dear RSS Advisory Board: You Are Fired!

I don't know what the hell is going on over at the RSS Advisory Board but it is starting to make my skin crawl. Who is behind all the recent activities? Whoever it is, let me say this to that person: RSS is not your milk cow.

I know many of the newly appointed members and, although I think they are wonderful people, I suspect they are being taken advantage of because I don't see why they are needed.

According to their charter, the board has three duties:

  1. publishing the RSS specification



  2. guiding developers who create RSS application

    What more can they do beyond what's out there already including several books and countless examples?


  3. broadening the public understanding of RSS

    The public is doing just fine with RSS, finding new uses everyday, without any official broadener. The only kind of visible activities by the board I observed was broadening of the board size.

The board has nothing to do! With so many well-known names on the board, it now looks like an Indy racing car on a desert island.

Oh, I know. Why not just rename the board to Atom Advisory Board? After all, Atom is in desperate need of advising and I think the new name will fit the current board far better than RSS Advisory Board. Great idea, huh?