FIFA Ranking

I just read that FIFA ranking for South Korea dropped to 56th. Even I'll admit that South Korean soccer are not good enough consistently to belong in the top 15 but, hell, 56?

If I was running FIFA, I would replace World Cup with annual FIFA Challenge Season during which:

  1. any country can challenge another country.
  2. if the challenger loses or ties without any goals, ranking stays the same for both.
  3. if the challenger wins, the challenge takes the rank of the loser and ranks of the loser and every country below it drops by one (up to the challenger's former rank).
  4. if the game is tied with one or more goals, the two shares the ranking, pushing ranks of every country below them by one (up to the challenger's former rank).
  5. the challenged country has the right to choose the time and location for the match (within reasonable limits).
  6. Schedule conflicts are settled by FIFA.

This way, if a country has some beef with another, they can play ball instead of firing missiles at each other!