Inconvenience as Service

Sometimes inconvenience can be productized as a valuable service. The prime example is online banking. Although phishing is still rampant, online banking service rarely offer their customers the option to turn off online banking features that could lead to finacial ruin. Who do I have to kill to require a pain-in-the-ass F2F procedure to transer 5+ digit fund out of my banking and brokerage accounts?

If I happened to move that kind of money regularly (I don't), I want to to require a phone call to a real live person before such transfer can be made. My relationship with that 'person' over time via sequences of brief casual chats is a much better protection than anything current technology can offer IMHO because I can easily instruct the person that if I don't say 'waka waka' each time out of the blue means someone is holding a gun against my head. How much would I be willing to pay to say 'waka waka'? 3 digits per year is not unreasonable I think.

Waka Waka.