WiMax, WiBro, Huh?

Sprint's plan to rollout WiMax with help from Intel, Motorola, and Samsung is making big waves this week. The news is even bigger in Korea. Watching an event unfold in two languages is confusing though. In Korea, the technology is called WiBro and is being presented as a technology developed mostly in Korea. In the US, it's called WiMax and Korea is only part of the picture. Hmm.

I think Sprint is not rolling out WiMax but Mobile WiMax which is called WiBro in Korea. WiMax and Mobile WiMax differs in that devices will work even while moving at fairly high speed. I don't know what, if any, advantages regular WiMax has over Mobile WiMax though. The exciting thing about Mobile WiMax is that it may eventually get fast enough to download a movie faster than I can drive to the nearest BlockBuster.

A funny bit: Qualcomm is synonymous with vampire in Korea because of all the royalties they made with CDMA. So Mobile WiMax is a sweet revenge of sort.