W3C Woes

Looks like W3C is still on it's downward spiral. I've had my own hits and bumps with W3C and it took me a long time to wash that W3C taste out of my mind. Looking back, I think what the world needs a more modern form of standardization process for technology related standards, one that supports incremental improvements and immediate deployment as well as ability to fix past mistakes.

As an engineer and an entrepreneur, I often have 'this needs to be standardized' moments. The need can vary in size from large to small and type from trail-breaking to fence-mending. Needless to say, the distance from such a moment to watching the printer spend an hour printing out the final recommendation is beyond bearable.

What I would like is a place where I can go to find others to quickly find others with similar interest then workout common solutions in weeks instead of years a W3C standardization process usually takes. Note that there is no process, just a place. The rest is left to the people to work out, somehow, driven by their needs.

The place is both a social network as well as a battlefield for de-facto standard makers, a place that depends on nimbleness of its occupants to make up for mistakes.