Fragments: Journalists and Activists

On Destructive Attentions:

Opinions and demands is what separates journalists and activists.

An opinion is a statement of position.

A demand is a statement of intention to pursue until specific requirements are met.

An outcry is a syndication of demand.

A journalist reports unbiased news and opinions to inform others.

An activist uses biased selection, edition, and repetition of news and opinions to sway others.


p dir=”ltr”>Update:

A good example of journalism: Suspicions and Spies in Silicon Valley

After reading above article, I think Dunn didn't know about pretexting and HP lawyers misinformed her. Investigators will likely get prosecuted for identity theft. HP will be fined various government agencies and face civil lawsuits but I don't think Dunn will be charged any crime. Given time, Dunn will either resign or be forced to resign.

It's interesting that Dunn focused on details and Perkins focused on strategies, outlining a common stereotypical difference between men and women.