Destructive Attention

Most bloggers, A-list or not, typically fires and forgets. Scoble is an exception and I am concerned that he might be going overboard with HP textmarking incident. If Ms. Dunn did something illegal and is now lying about it, someone is already investigating. If she is just incompetent, since when is it a moral crime to be stupid chairperson? Isn't that HP and its shareholder's business?

This brings up an interesting question though: at what point is it overdunn? If it is when Dunn resigns (frankly, I think everyone who told her not to resign should go), then are bloggers activists or journalists? What prevents us from abusing our attention-based power? When is it not an abuse to publically single out a person to be fired?

While I value transparency and feedback, I think there is a line that we should not be crossing, a line that separates opinions from demands. In the near future, instant feedback will be the norm in the business world. In such a world, the line I mentioned will be increasingly important.