I hereby propose that all anchor tags marked with

rel='nofollow nosafe'

are links which may take non-idempotent actions (i.e. delete) when followed. The intention is to give tools like Google Web Accelerator enough hints for them to steer clear of such links. I really wish the anchor tag ('a') had the 'method' attribute like the 'form' tag does but I don't have time to wait til W3C remodels hell and I am not going to waste my time with idiotic and cumbersome workaround solutions so this will have to do.

As to why both, nofollow is already known and nosafe is more appropriate.

If you are going to do the same, link to this post.


Based on feedback, I've renamed unsafe REL to nosafe because 'unsafe' is a common word.

I need to explain what I am trying to accomplish with nosafe REL proposal. I am not expecting everyone to put the proposal into practice because a) I am not crazy, and b) I think that only a small number of web sites needs to use nosafe to make it sensible for developers to make their software nosafe-aware.

If I was writing a GWA-like tool, I would want to reduce abrasive surface area as much as possible. It would be irresponsible of me to not take advantage of hints like nosafe REL, even if only a small number of websites used it.