Striking HP Off My List

Now these CNET articles on HP are really creeping me out:

HP began tracking the phone records of CNET reporter Dawn Kawamoto on Jan. 17, Kawamoto said she was told on Tuesday. That was about a week after a January strategy meeting for directors and executives, but six days before published its Jan. 23 story about the meeting. reporter Tom Krazit also was told by investigators that his personal phone records were accessed on Jan. 20, the same day he called HP spokesman Robert Sherbin for comment about the board meeting.


p dir=”ltr”>I am not into ragging on and on about a topic. When something creeps me out, I deal with it and move on. Short of turning myself into an activist, I am going to just exercise my rights as a consumer/investor: refusing to buy. So I am just going to strike HP off my shopping list and not invest in HP stock regardless of how cheap it looks until the word 'HP' no longer disgusts me.

I am now done with this topic for at least a year.