Growing Up Hating America

It is clear to me that Bush and his supporters are ignoring basic human psychology in favor of Rambo mentality. Youths of the world are growing up with seeds of resentment against America yet we, the Americans, are not only blind to this but are adding fuel to the fire.

Imagine the mind of Korean youths whose grandparents are indebted to America for freeing their country from Japan's domination in 1945 and for pulling the country out of the jaw of communism in early 1950s. Unlike their grandparents, they were born into a safe world and spend their daily lives more concerned about entertainment and technology than liberation and democracy.

To most of them, the debt their grandparents carry in their hearts are no different from debt owed to a creditor so it should not be surprising that many of them resent being told that they must inherit the burden. If you can't understand this failing, try explaining to your kids why they must inherit your financial debts. If korean youths feel this way, imagine how kids of other counties who experienced only the rough end of America's capitalism must feel.

On this riverbed of dormant resentment, naked waves of War Against Terror flowed while twisted idealists and religious fanatics infiltrated the youths with false history and propaganda to turn them against America. While we shocked and awed with precision-bombing, they picked and played the strings of resentment with precision and persistence.

We can't change these kids' mind with dead bodies of terrorists and fallen dictators, not when they think they are Luke Skywalker and us the Empire. I fear that Bush's so called War against Terror is going to turn into a War against Rest of the World when the kids are no longer kids unless we open our collective eyes and try to see the world through their eyes.