Adding S3 Backup

This blog has no automated backup so, after looking at Jeremy Zawodny's math (via Dave) on S3 cost effectiveness, I've decided to add S3 backup feature to my new blog engine. Some links I am looking at from java-perspective (blog engine was written in java):

I think jets3t is what java developers should be looking at for S3 integration. I'll use it as is first then maybe upgrade it's SOAP support from Axis 1.4 to Axis 2 if the need arises.

Quickest way to do this is to just write an ant script file that just ships out a package of MySQL database dump plus some directories. But this quick-n-dirty solution is likely to require taking the database offline if I want to avoid getting MySQL grease all over myself.

When I have more time, I'll add a smarter backup service that does blog-specific automated/on-demand backup using compressed RSS files (with comments and extraneous info embedded using an extension namespace) and binary files (for images, etc) tied together using OPML.