Switch Complete

It took me awhile but now the blog is running on my blog engine. I had some difficulty with URL rewriting to keep old links working but was able to fix it in the morning.
With new blog engine, I'll be using mainly Live Writer to post because it has some cool features like image effects (color pop and picture frame used on the sexy picture of a Korean starlet on the right) and tags I added below.
I've turned on Akismet to filter comment spams but haven't tried it yet. There are many old pre-switch comments still but I'll have to add a comment search feature before I can remove them efficiently (i.e. search
comments with 'poker' in content or other fields then delete them altogether after checking off rare honest posts.)
PS: The banner image was taken last week looking west from my boat dock which can be seen in this satellite map inserted via Live Writer
(deleted due to javascript error it was generating). Hmm. I just noticed that there is no way to center things in Live Writer. Weird.

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