Daily Spit

Ruby might be losing continuation in 2.0. I predict Ruby will lose much of its forward momentum if this is true because, IMHO, continuation was the source of much of Ruby's fun and brevity. Too bad.
Yahoo continues its healthy ascent although I am expecting YHOO to struggle from here on.
Today, I am tinkering with something new.
Here is a cute tip for you fellow tinkerers:
If you are having trouble spanning your tinkering juice over extended period, make sure to leave whatever your are building broken before going to sleep. When I start feeling drowsy, I backup everything then launch myself into a decent size TODO item with auto-compile off. Next morning, all the mess I created the night before will haunt me back.
Finishing a nice feature at the end of the day is the worst thing you can do unless you need a few days of smug unproductive rest. Best time to finish a feature is in the morning.

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