Snoozing While Web Browsers Faceoff

Alex Iskold lists the latest crop of competitors in Web Browser Faceoff. Hmm. Do people really care which browser wins? With neither IE 7 nor Firefox 2.0 packing a powerful enough punch for a knock out, this fight is as exciting as watching Pee Wee Herman and Richard Simmons box. In the past few days, I heard IE 7 was released so I installed it sedately as if I was installing another IE patch. I've seen tabs and so what's the big deal? Then Firefox 2.0 was released so installed that as well. After a brief checking and playing with extensions I use, I went back to work.
While FF2 is now my main browser, I still have to use IE7 because some sites still fails to work properly on Firefox (usually layout or plugin issues). How often? More than once an hour. And because I use IE 7 as needed then often forget to switch back to FF2, I would usually have have both browsers running at the same time displaying 10-20 websites between them. The only reason I use FF2 more than IE7 is because FF2 bookmarks are the latest.
Let's all give this old tired subject a rest for awhile. OK?