YHOO, Video, and IPO

I've been tinkering with video for a week now. Even with just the popular vlog video format, creating a seamless video experience is tough, like trying to cleanup after a party with only one garbage bag. I've uncovered a bag full of tricks to make things work but that was still not enough. So I am gonna step back and try another way up the slippery slope.
Sold YHOO because both the stock and the market was getting tired. Possible double-top formations across the board with potential recession awaiting is pretty scary stuff. Besides, 12% gain in 2 weeks is so not bad. ;-p
Congrats to Chuck for IPO filing. It's not easy to retain 40% control of a startup but he somehow managed to do that while turning the ship around impressively. I hope the murky stock market outlook doesn't rain on his party.