I spent some of the gains from YHOO on a MBP C2D. I ordered the 2.16GHz one with 2G memory and 160G drive. Too bad I couldn't just pick one up at my local (Palo Alto) Apple store. I'll get Apple Care through Amazon since they are cheaper. I didn't order MBP from Amazon because they are not offering rebate which means only reward for waiting (probably past X-mas) is no sales tax. Meh. 
Essentially, I am betting that this major rev of MBP will reduce my chance of getting stuck with a lemon. C2D is also theoretically ready to take advantage of Leopard and Vista's 64-bit goodness. I prefer the look of MB but I'll have to wait again for C2D rev and it's pretty much as heavy as a MBP.
Anyway, these are all the devil had to offer from his inventory of excuses.