Playing with My MBP C2D

I got my MBP C2D today although today was shipping date not the delivery date. Actually, it arrived this morning but I was sleeping and my wife was at the gym so I had to pick it up after 6pm which means I couldn't focus all day.
After spending some time with it, two things surprised me:

  • it's very quiet (no buzz, no hiss, no fan noise, no hard drive clicking).
  • During normal use, temperature is just warm above the function keys and room temperature near the palm rest. Even the bottom was only slightly warmer than the top. On my lap, it was like having an electric blanket on my lap instead of a taster which was what I was expecting. My lap would probably sweat after a while but I don't think it's hot enough to burn or even slow cook. Things got pretty hot though with two yes >> /dev/null going, as hot as MBP used to be during normal use, well at least the ones I played around with at Apple Store a few months ago.

Compared to how hot MBP was before, I think Apple now has better control over the temperature problem. This doesn't mean they have manufacturing consistency problem licked though. I could have been just lucky.
Performance wise, there are noticeable delays but I think that's the usual OS X related delays and not CPU gasping for air. I know that some folks are pissed off because this C2D MBPs are not 39% faster than older models instead of reported ~10% gains. IMHO, the two key reasons to get this model are:

  • less problems (second rev!)
  • faster GPU (only slightly throttled)

Anyway, I am very happy with my MBP C2D so far. I haven't played with DVD drive much so I am keeping my fingers crossed.