Drunk with Power

I trust the Democrats as much as I trust the Republicans. In my mind, democrats are incompetent fools and republicans are arrogant bastards. Now that the democrats are drowning in euphoric taste of power, I fear it will move too far and too fast to the other side. Can Bush provide the necessary balance of power to keep overly excited democrats in balance? I doubt it. Nancy Pelosi? How long before she freaks out in earnest?
What I hate about American politic is that it swings left and right madly like a teenager with hormone imbalance. What sickens me is that the division between the two parents, Republican and Democrat whom I consider to be father and mother of this country, continues to widen. Polarization is a nice way to describe a disfunctional family. There is no love in this family. Dad is as arrogant as before but with less finesse, more religious, and overly paranoid. Now the Mom is in charge and ready to kick some butt but I don't think anyone will be smiling happily anytime soon.
Well, that's enough politics to last a year at least. Now back to ignoring.