DRM-free Prom

So EMI takes the bait. Somebody had to. Will they be surprised to learn that they can actually make money while getting ripped off around the globe? I doubt it. Software industry does it so why not the music industry?  Will DRM fade away? Nope. DRM will be more popular than ever because, when the fume of righteousness evaporates, enough people will choose cheap over DRM-free to keep it going.
Michael Arrington is hooked on Prom Queen. Different folk, different strokes. I can't stand serials which is why I don't watch TV dramas. Internet shows like Prom Queen are extreme serials. Each episode is like 2 minutes long and there are 80 to be released, one episode at at time. Out of that 2 minute, looks like about 30 seconds is wasted on commercials and previews. Egads. And it looks to be a suspense thriller of sort. I have no idea how people will maintain suspense with daily dose of 1.5 minute clip. Nuts. If it was byte-sized comedy, I can see it catching on but suspense?