Rethinking Next-Generation Application Platforms

Platforms are everywhere and each new arrival beckons developers to build next generation applications atop their platform. All that the latest crop of platforms offer is a thick coat of XML-based integration and representation layer on top of their same old same bundle of features and smoother pixels.

There are limits to the kind of food one can cook using a given set of ingredients.

Skype-like functionalities in a platform will create a flood of next generation applications. All vector graphics offer is shiner bits. Much of the Ajax applications I see today are impractical economically, even with cometd. But mere combination of UDP-based notification service plus STUN in web browsers will make them practical.
It's not enough for platform vendors to think like a grocery store owner. They need to think more like a chef as well as an accountant, thinking about recipes and affordability. Think more about making known class of applications practical than asking developers to invent new uses for old parts.