Gun Control

After absorbing latest bits of news related to the Virginia Tech gunman, I now believe the current gun control law needs to be changed. Not allowing people with a history of mental problems or complaints filed to own guns, for example, is a no-brainer.
A simple national database of SSN with appropriate privacy protection would work. In addition to medical agencies and law enforcement agencies, I am for allowing institutions and individuals to submit information to such a database. Each registered gun sellers should be given a monthly budget of SSN-based queries (by computer or phone) based on their sales for POS background check. If they had access yet didn't use it, then they would be exposing themselves to liability.
While I am of the opinion that gun control is a leaky at best and gun ban is not possible politically, but I think some changes are necessary, if not for safety then to restore public safety confidence to a point where we can sit in public without being afraid of being gunned down.