Here it is again, the day my ears fell out somewhere in Seoul, Korea. Since passing 40, I lost interest in my age so, when someone asks my age, I would say "I am either 43 or 44" then do the math to confirm. Well, doing the math again for this post, taking 1962 out of 2007 leaves me with 45. There. And happy b-day to Dave Winer. I keep forgetting that his birthday is just 2 days prior to mine. Sorry, Dave.
I hope my family doesn't give me any gifts since I don't celebrate birthdays but I have a sneaking suspicion that my wife is hiding a pair of pants or jacket somewhere. So what good is a birthday? Well, I get at a blog post out of it every year, don't I? ;-p
Actually, I did sort of celebrate by showing my wife and son the little web application I've been working on lately. They whispered Wooooo so I was happy. It's core functionalities are pretty much done so I'll be busy shopping for a cheap server farm. 45? What's that?