Car Accident at School

My son came home from school today in a mild shock. Apparently a SUV, driven by a 70 year old grandfather of a student, hit the parked schoolbus my son was on then plowed into students waiting in line to get on the bus, injuring 13 of them, two in serious condition. My son's friend was among those pinned under the car. He is still in serious condition.
My son is unhurt but he was sitting upfront and saw everything happen. He was restless and unable to focus so I sat down with him to explain how human nerve system works, shock symtoms, and how to flush shock effects out of his system. Then my wife and I gave him first-aid: bear hugs.

Being a father means guessing and mimicking most of the time. I wish they had Fatherhood 101 when I was going to school.

 <p><em>Update:</em> just heard that one of my son&apos;s best friends, who lives closeby and was supposed to sleepover at our house this weekend, got liver lasceration and broken ankle after being hit by the SUV. Sheesh. I am getting a bit of shock myself.

Update 2: Dang. Looks like THREE close friends of my son got hurt badly, kids my son usually hangs with. It was just freaky luck that my son was already on the bus because the three kids were standing close to each other. Anyway, my wife and son visited them at the Stanford hospital today with World of Warcraft card decks instead of flowers. My best wishes to Keane, Ian, and Nick. I hear Nick even got to ride the helicopter. Nuts.