I Don’t Digg 09ers

I pretty much ignored the clamoring over Digg censorship of DVD key numbers but Ed Felten's attempt to explain why so called 09ers revolted got my goat.
To me, publishing such sensitive key is no different from publishing credit card numbers, social security numbers, or passwords. They are all just numbers or random sequence of ASCII characters. No one owns them and they are of little value if they are not associated with anyone or anything. But if they are associated with a person, I don't think anyone will find it outrageous when they are asked to remove the sensitive information from public view.
Digg's post associated a sequence of numbers to a key that'll allow people to access valuable property and share it with people who didn't pay for it. The hacker who uncovered the key justified his action saying the DVD he bought didn't support his monitor. The right thing to do would have been to return the DVD for a refund. Instead, he chose to hack and then shared what he found with strangers.
Kevin Rose became a fool by [sorry, a gremlin escaped] was unwise to answer foolish demands from Digg users, placing his company at the mercy of its users' whims. There is value in a community of users. There is less value in a community of hooligans.