RESTful Web Services

My copy of RESTful Web Services, by Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby, arrived this morning so I spent some time reading and skipping through chapters. It's a well written easy to read book that attempts to shed more light on an increasingly popular yet still foggy and unfortunately politically charged area called REST (Representational State Transfer).
Overall, I think anyone interested in REST will find 400+ pages of examples and clear explanations very helpful. As for me, most of the content wasn't new to me but I ordered the book to read Chapter 8: REST and ROA Best Practices. As expected, the chapter insightfully enumerates a broad range of design issues REST developers are likely to encounter.
Good stuff but, like a tasty appetizer, the chapter left me wishing for more, a book that focused soley on the subject covered by the chapter, maybe a series of compendium is needed to cover the growing body of knowledge as the area evolves through wider use.