Jazz.net Thoughts

Having watched the Jazz.net demo video, I have mixed feelings. I don't want to trivialize the tremendous amount of sweat and heart that went into the project but, to put it bluntly, it feels too…stereotypical German. By that I mean too focused on functionalities and not enough attention paid to what gives the namesake, jazz, life.
As I watched Eclipse evolve, I noticed the same happening. Proliferating views and perspectives, each making perfect sense yet, as a whole, cluttered and bewildering. Jazz.net is an extension of Eclipse. Watching the video, I had to wonder what it would feel like being a cog in the machinery of Jazz.net. Jazz.net enables global projects but at what price? Where is the life in engineering? What will engineering be like if it's measured only in metrics and graphs? Precision can be fun but visibility and control are both blessings as well as curses.
I wish the best for the Jazz.net team but I wish there was more, more space, more room for us than details. I know that I am asking for something elusive because, even in midst of 40 close guild members at Molten Core, supposedly having fun, we can feel like less than a person and more like a switch waiting to fire in time. But then maybe there is no room for us in the machinery of global economy.