Toyota Prius and Fireworks

I took my wife and son to Magnussen's Toyota of Palo Alto to test drive Prius this afternoon. I liked the white Prius we test drove but my wife wasn't that comfortable with the front view. If I had to pick on something, it would have to be the rear camara view which was disorientating. But overall, I liked the car.
It was when we sat down to negotiate that trouble began. Their numbers just didn't make much sense so I asked them to break them down. All I got was breakdown into more mysterious figures. I told them that I felt screwed by Honda last time yet Honda numbers were better than the numbers they were showing me. After a brief "let me talk to the boss" game, a short guy showed up and proceeded to explain why I shouldn't compare Honda to Toyota. Blah blah blah. I told him I didn't care about those things.
At that point, the guy just blew up on me, yelling at me that he wasn't interested in selling and that I should go buy a Honda instead. Me being me (I have a temper but it takes a while to accelerate), I just watched him yell and stomp away. Then my wife started yelling back and my son was looking rather disturbed. Wow. When I asked a stunned sales person who the asshole was, I was told that he ran the place. Mr. Magnussen himself? Nah. Probably more like Mr. Magnussen's Big Mistake.
I still like Prius and can heartily recommend it but I am afraid I can't recommend the Toyota dealership unless you like that kind of fireworks. Hmm. Maybe it was a July 4th special event or something.