RightScale and Amazon EC2

I've been meaning to get some hands-on experience with Amazon's EC2 (yup, still in beta) and S3 but just couldn't find the attention span until I came across RightScale. Signing up for EC2 and S3 was a breezy one-minute process and I haven't yet dug deeply enough to encounter complications but RightScale is supposed to let me ease over them and launch new server instances like one would rubber duckies in a tub.

I'll have to see for myself but it's good to know that at least OpenAds guys are having good result using RightScale/EC2 combo to test OpenAds in a wide-array of configuration combos. It's admin console seemed a tad sluggish (I wonder if they are using AWS as well and whether this is a common characteristic of AWS-based sites?) but I was impressed with a wide array of AMI images I could launch with just a few button clicks.
Um, yes. I am dating OpenAds but it could easily turn out to be a one-night stand as usual. We'll see. ;-p