Stretching TwitterGram

So a limping version of my TwitterGram Facebook app is up and running now but I still have a list of chores to finish, including an updater (it's manual update til then), before I can think about cooler features like:

  • conversation – many people posting TwitterGrams on one topic.
  • linker – show links and text while playing one or more twittergrams.
  • player – play a conversation together, auto-leveling volume as it plays.

A cheap way of doing conversation is just looking for TwitterGrams with same title. I can then list them in an OPML file so they can be played together. A custom Flash-based player is also needed to display links while playing so I can say "checkout blah" without having to spellout a URL. I think John Batelle was going to ask HP if they can do that for his voice-casts.

Flash-based player running on mobiles could make the listening experience more enjoyable and hands-free. Hmm. Maybe it makes more sense to just call-in to listen to TwitterGrams. Then VoiceXML-based player is all that's needed. VoiceXML works is needs to be done anyway to record TwitterGrams. I wonder if there is a simple way to 'capture' links with a single button click while listening to a phone call, sort of like 'catching' song info or product info while listening to radio or watching TV.

Anyhow, I am going to have to wrap up all this fast before I get too distracted away from my other projects. ;-p